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Dragon Stones

Dragon Stones - James V. Viscosi I only bought this book because it was offered for a very low price on the Kindle. It is self-published, so I had no expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's not earth-shatteringly brilliant, nor is it great literature, but as fantasy goes, it's very readable. Unlike most Kindle books, it's extremely well proof-read, with no typos that I could spot.

The story: the dragon stones of the title, which give the dragons their power, are being systematically stolen for purposes unknown. An assorted group of characters - an innkeeper, a mercenary, an oracle and a dragon - are drawn together by events, and struggle to find out what is happening and why.

The dragon is the most interesting of the bunch. She is determined to take revenge on the men who killed her hatchlings, and as she can assume a more-or-less human form, and is not exactly a team player, much of the entertainment value lies in her over-the-top dealings with the world of men.

The ending is satisfyingly positive, but with some unexpected twists which ensure that the book rises above the mediocre level of most of this type.