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The Accidental Optimist's Guide to Life

The Accidental Optimist's Guide to Life - Emily Joy This is rather a pointless book, a self-indulgence on the author's part. It is ostensibly a discussion of philosophy but is actually a loosely connected series of anecdotes from the author's life, some of them interesting and some less so, interspersed with the author's random thoughts (or so it seems). Some of her comments are seriously inaccurate. She boasts about her lack of research, but it really is unacceptable to commit unverified factoids to print. It would have made a nice series of articles for a women's magazine, but as a book is less successful.

On the other hand, it is intended as a light-hearted piece of fluff, and there are some very funny moments in it. It would make an acceptable holiday read for young mothers who can identify with the detailed discussions of childbirth, breastfeeding and the problems of child-rearing. But for a general audience, I would not recommend it.