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The Wrong Time and Other Stories

The Wrong Time - Robby Charters [Edited...] This is what happens, folks, when you get a brand new Kindle and rush out to fill it up with all sorts of free stuff. Some of what you find is perfectly readable, and some of it is brilliant, and some of it is... well, not so much. It sounds fine - man finds himself in an alternate reality, married to someone different, tries to get back 'home'. And so on. But I couldn't get past the friend called Roary McGreggor. Really? And he got a train from London at Paddy's Station. Really? That's some alternate reality. And then he flew through the Bermuda Triangle in a heli-sphere and found himself in Neverland... And the writing wasn't stylish enough to make this readable. So no, not my cup of tea. An uncritical child might enjoy it. Possibly. One star for a DNF. ETA: OK, I finished it, and I get the point. Still didn't like it.