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Klondaeg The Monster Hunter

Klondaeg The Monster Hunter - Steve  Thomas Most fantasy takes itself very seriously, so it's always refreshing to come across something that's just light-hearted fun. I enjoyed the author's previous comedy outing, 'Smite Me, Oh Dark One', as well as both his full-length fantasy books to date, 'An Exercise in Futility' and 'Harbingers of Mortality', so this was a must-buy for me.

The story features the eponymous monster hunter, his two-headed talking axe, a shape-shifting gnome, a retired hero, an oracle and a god or three, as well as a whole galaxy of monsters, and... well, no, I don't think I'll spoil the surprise by saying any more about it. It's laugh out loud funny, and if some of the jokes fall a little flat, it's partly because they arrive so fast it's hard to keep up. Recommended for anyone depressed by reading too much of the grimdark and gritty realism which infests the genre these days. Four stars.