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The Dark Shepherds

The Dark Shepherds - Ian Kennedy Martin So - there's an alcoholic ex-cop, half Welsh and half Irish and a quarter Corsican (I may have got this slightly wrong), and there's a murderer, with multiple identities, always on the run. And yes, the murderer is a main character, who gets his own point of view. And there's a murder in Paris and another one at a vineyard, seemingly not connected, and it's all very complicated and written in a style which is perhaps meant to be ironic noir, or stylishly gritty, or possibly satirical, I can't really be sure. Basically, I found it very hard to follow, and wasn't interested in the characters either, so I'm abandoning ship. The author has a distinguished career behind him as a screenwriter of cop shows, so possibly things perk up later on. One star for a DNF.