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The Giant of the Tidesmouth (Wandering Tale, #3)

The Giant of the Tidesmouth (Wandering Tale, #3) - Tristan Gregory Fantasy Review Barn

I’m beginning to get the hang of the author’s strategy now, so I spotted the connecting character in the previous novella in the series - Hedmund, the very large young man setting off for his ‘big walk’, the period as a mercenary traditional amongst his mountain clansmen. This story is about Hedmund’s adventures on the road and his first battles. As always, the characters are wonderfully real, with dialogue which captures the essence of each one. There is some solid world-building going on in the background, too. Each story in the series can be read on its own, but anyone who reads them all will begin to understand a great deal about the history of this world. And possibly geography too, but for the directionally challenged among us, a map would have been useful. This seemed a little more lightweight than the previous two tales, and I never felt that Hedmund was in serious danger. An enjoyable read. Four stars.