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Gratuitous Epilogue (Touchstone, #Extra)

Gratuitous Epilogue - Andrea K. Höst It’s really not fair to give this a star rathing, since it isn’t really a book in the conventional sense. This is more like author-written fan-fic, an orgy of happy-ever-after-ness for fans of the Touchstone trilogy who desperately want to know more about the characters - who got off with whom, who got married and/or had babies, what their houses and gardens look like, and what colour the drapes and cushions are. And endless details about wedding dresses and the innumerable presents they give each other. There’s some gloomier stuff too, and the Ionoth aren’t quite gone yet, and maybe never will be, so it isn’t all light and fluffy. There are some snippets of interesting information about some of the talents, especially the ‘sights’, which I enjoyed, and this led to a few nicely funny moments (‘Baby!’ - what a wonderful talent that would be...). But fun as it is, it’s for completists only.